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Women Need Help with Menopause!


Discussing AARP article  “What Doctors don’t know about Menopause.”

Sentiments I encounter almost daily with new clients are:

  1. Fear and tears of frustration…Fear that there is no help and frustration at having to tell their story again and again
  2. Gratitude that there is hope.

 Let’s discuss the problem and the SOLUTION!!!!


  1. Approx 6000 women reach menopause in US today
    1. According to NORTH AMERICAN MENOPAUSE SOCIETY-about 75% experience some kind of menopausal distress. BUT…
    2. Results of a recent survey, Only 20% of ob-gyne residency programs provide any kind of menopause training.
    3. Nearly 80% of medical residents admit that they fell “barely comfortable “ discussing or treating menopause.
    4. FINALLY-A Yale University review of insurance claims from more than 500,000 women in various stages of menopause states that while:
      1. 60% of women with significant menopausal symptoms seek medical attention, nearly ¾ are...
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