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Melatonin-The Hormone that Does it all!


Melatonin Magic: One Hormone Does it All!

New Research show how one supplement can help you live longer and better!


At a recent conference of hormone experts, melatonin was REINTRODUCED. This blog will be for educated men and women but there will also be citations for research journals for medical professional and those who want to delve more deeply into the solid research supporting the fact that EVERYONE AND THEIR LOVED ONES SHOULD BE TAKING MELATONIN EVERY DAY. It is inexpensive and safe.

  • Rock-hard research shows that Melatonin:
  1. Prevents breast cancer
  2. Treats breast cancer
  3. Treats ovarian cancer
  4. Treats other type of cancer
  5. Slows aging process
  6. Relieves symptoms of attention deficit disorder


  • Take a break and explain how…………..
  1. Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland in the brain, which controls the activities of virtually every cell in the body
  2. Melatonin is like gas to the mitochondria (the engine of the cell that produces energy). It’s like super high-test gas.
  3. Melatonin also helps each cell resist diseases and aging by:
    1. Stimulating enzymes that protect the cell
    2. Repairing damaged cells
    3. Protects cells and our body and brain from diseases
  4. Copy of article:
    1. Reza Sharafati-ChaleshtoriHedayatollah Shirzad,1Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei,1 and Amin Soltani. Melatonin and human mitochondrial diseases J Res Med Sci. 2017; 22: 2.Published online 2017 Jan 27. doi:  [4103/1735-1995.199092]


  1. Prevents neurodegenerative diseases
  2. Prevents diabetes
  3. Presents gastrointestinal diseases
  4. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
  5. Prevents heart disease, atherosclerosis and arrhythmias
  6. Persons in the autism spectrum have lower serum levels of melatonin.


But as you know…not all supplements are created equal. You should take as much “Sustained-release” melatonin before bed so that you sleep through the night and don’t feel tired, fuzzy-headed, moody or sick in the morning. Wean yourself up to the highest dose.

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 SO…..Repeat after me:

  1. Melatonin is the new Vitamin D
  2. My parents should be taking Melatonin
  3. My friends and spouse should be takin melatonin
  4. “I” should be taking melatonin.



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