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"Why you should consider supplementing hormones!"


“Why you should consider hormones”


Jennifer Robin Musiol, nurse practitioner and creator of Advanced Hormone consulting.

This video…briefly discuss why you should consider BHRT.

I worked at Johns Hopkins doing Aging Research and thought:

  • Genetics
  • Staying physically and mentally active
  • Foods we eat …….but missing a major component


Our life force….hormones means to “set in motion”. Sets Genes in motion.

So if you are seeking more Energetic Days and Romantic Night……

Let’s explore “why you should consider Hormones”

GET OUT A PIECE OF PAPER and if your score is > 7, you would benefit!!!



On a scale of 0-10….10 is as bad as it gets and 0 is no problem



Vaginal dryness….

Libido….Sex Drive

Joint pain….

Weight loss….




Sex drive…..

Muscle tone….



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Advanced Hormone Consulting

breast cancer hormones Aug 15, 2018

Jennifer Robin Musiol, C-RNP has a bioidentical hormone replacement medical office on the East Coast. She has treated >4000 women and >1000 men successfully and has the highest advanced certification in hormone replacement. 

Her personal philosophy about medical and health care had "moved on" from her previous health care delivery systems. The day she asked the universe for something better, a medical headhunter approached her with "something new"....bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

After serious research (she is a stage 2 breast cancer survivor), she began intensely letting go of her personal bias and studying the quality evidence-based medicine on BHRT. 

She found it too good to keep to for more energetic days and romantic nights....go to her website and take advantage of what she has to offer.

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